Your Guide to Kindle Cases and Covers

There are lots of Amazon Kindle cases, Kindle covers, Kindle sleeves and Kindle skins on the market and the choice is bewildering. This site will help you distinguish between them all and choose the one that suits you best.

View of a Kindle

There is nothing quite like a Kindle. There are many “ebookreaders” out there but somehow the Kindle just has “it”. Maybe it’s the lightness of it, the shape, the colour or the ease of use. But there is no doubt that if you buy a Kindle it will not be one of those purchases that you find you don’t use after a year or so. You will use it constantly and will read book after book after book. Even if you are not into fiction then the Kindle can serve has a very handle tool for storing reference books and material. I am now a “reader” and I would not be without my Kindle 3. If you are thinking about buying a Kindle then you can buy a Kindle with Wi-Fi
from Amazon. You can also buy a Kindle with 3G and WiFi from Amazon. In fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amazon as they are absolutely unbeatable on customer service. Delivery is also quick and hassle-free.

new generation KIndle 4Amazon have also recently announced the new generation Kindle which many people refer to as the Kindle 4.  Although it is a follow-up to the Kindle 3 (or “Keyboard Kindle” as Amazon now call it),  the new version is not officially entitled the Kindle 4. The new generation ebookreader is smaller and lighter thanks in no small part to there being no keyboard. This is no bad thing – I think many people can live without the keyboard anyway. All of your media content is stored in the cloud so there is no need to worry about memory shortage. Another slight difference to the previous generation is that it does not support audio books, but unless you like having stories read to you then it won’t be an issue.  The biggest difference is the price; the Kindle 4 costs £60 less than the previous wifi/3G version.

So, you have bought your ebookreader, unwrapped it, set it all up and downloaded your first book or two. You are now probably thinking that you don’t want really want to get your lovely new toy scratched and marked because it is sure to be going with you on your daily travels and even foreign excursions. Well, the good news is that there are plenty of custom-made covers on the market right now and you will be spoilt for choice. Here’s our pick of the best Kindle cases and Kindle covers and you can check out many more by visiting our dedicated pages for many reviews and a focus on Leather Kindle Covers, Kindle Skins and Kindle Sleeves.

Buy-a-Kindle-FireThe Kindle Fire HD was launched in 2012. If you want a Kindle Fire then here’s what you need to know (of course – don’t forget your Kindle Fire cover!):

  • High-definition display – shows high-definition video and crisp Crisp text via a 1280×800 resolution LCD display
  • A reduced screen glare compared to other tablet devices
  • Vivid colours from every angle when viewed
  • Fantastic sound using Dolby technology and twin-driver speakers
  • Lightning-fast WIFI thanks to not one, but two antennae. The WI-FI is also dual-band
  • A powerful processor that can deliver up to 11 hours of battery life and plenty of memory and storage space
  • No complicated setting-up required – just plug and play
  • Intuitive interface, easily lets you down tons of content from Amazon including movies, videos, music, books and much, much more

Leather Kindle Cover (choice of 7 colours)

Leather Cover for Kindle
Our pick of the Kindle covers just has to be the Kindle Leather Cover available at Amazon. As the name rather suggests, these cases are made from genuine leather and once fitted they give the Kindle a lovely quality and the feel of a leather hardback book. The inside of the cover is made from microfibre suede which is soft to the touch and adds to the “classy” feel and look. The Kindle is attached to the inside of the cover by means of two special hooks which are adapted to fit into the integral holes on the left side of the Kindle. It is easy to fit and once it is in, it stays in. The cover is robust and hardwearing and I rate this one very highly indeed. It will certainly protect your gadget from bumps and knocks and will keep it in pristine condition – I speak from experience!

For a leather cover for your Kindle then Amazon is the place for you to head. These are always in stock and you just know that delivery will be FREE and very speedy. Order it early enough today and you might even get it tomorrow.

The new generation Kindle 4 leather cover is out now from Amazon – take a look at our review here.

For more Kindle leather covers take a look at our Kindle leather cover page

Kindle Sleeves

M-Edge Kindle SleeveKindle sleeves can be bought in the form of pouches which are designed to wrap your Kindle snugly and securely. Most act like a cushioned pillowcase with a zip to keep it secure while others have a simple velcro fastening. Unlike the leather cover above which functions primarily as the surfaces of a hardback book, the sleeves can be either folded back to give that “real” book feel, or other sleeves are designed to be removed altogether when the reader is in use. When you have finished reading the Kindle can just be popped back in the sleeve which is then fastened, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your Kindle is protected from shocks and knocks. Many sleeves are made from neoprene (for those of you who might ask: “what is neoprene?” it is a synthetic rubber and is weather-resistant, so to a large degree the neoprene sleeves protect the Kindle against water and moisture). The M-Edge Latitude Kindle Jacket is a big favourite with Amazon reviewers, housing the reader within a navy blue nylon exterior made from canvas and with an interior of grey microfleece. As you would expect, a range of colours are available.

Kindle Skins

Kindle Skins in an art deco style

Our next type of Kindle covers are the Kindle skins. These are in a smilar vein to the skins you can buy for iPods and iPads and are typically rubberised elastic or thin plastic layers which grip (or adhere) to your Kindle. The skins are less protective than the sleeves and covers (the plastic-layered skins do not offer a great deal in the way of protection) since they do not protect the screen and do not offer much in the way of cushioning against the knocks. Every bit of the plastic casing is covered with the skin to leave only the keyboard buttons exposed. The skins are intended for users who want to spice up the look of their Kindle – as you can see from the example here which shows the Gelaskins Protective Skin. There is of course nothing to stop you applying a fancy-coloured or patterned skin to your ebook and also keeping it in a sleeve. That way you get the looks and and the protection. Take a look at the Gelaskins Kindle skins – the Gelaskins Van Gogh Kindle skin showing the “Starry Night”  is very interesting ( “Cafe Terrace by Night” Kindle skin is also available in the same range).

Lighted Kindle Covers

Leather lighted cover for KindleIf like me you are a bedtime reader then a Kindle light is essential if you want to read in bed without disturbing your slumbering partner. The Kindle Leather Lighted Cover is the choice of many, and I have to say, it takes some beating. In essence we are talking about the same cover as the Kindle Leather Cover discussed above, but yes, this one’s got a light. Not just any old light of course. The cover incorporates a retractable LED light which slides out from the corner and sits at a perfect angle to shine light on the screen. When you’re done it just slides back in. Neat? Absolutely. It gets even neater though because the light is actually powered by your Kindle’s battery, so batteries are not included because batteries are not required. The current is drawn from the battery by means of the gold-plated hooks which attach the Kindle to the inside of the case.  Consider the Leather Lighted Cover as a strong choice for purchase but consider these other Kindle lighted covers as well.

Eco-nique Natural Hemp Kindle Cover

Natural Hemp KIndle CoverThis is an unusual natural hemp Kindle cover from Eco-nique that gives your Kindle an old-fashioned feel and has a lovely distinctive embroidered design on the front. The unique selling point about this Kindle case is that it is not made from any products derived from animals. The outer cover is made from natural hemp and cotton and inside you will find an artificial leather pouch which can store papers, a pen and some business cards. The cover is soft with a very nice feel and the case stays shut by means of a magnetic catch. Your Kindle will be transformed to give it that “old book” appearance so if you are in to reading the old classics then this cover would be a perfect complement to your reading material. The design on the front is a nice touch and gives the Kindle cover a distinguished look. The cover has been very well-received by Amazon reviewers and it is easy to see why. Moreover, at a price that is roughly half the cost of the Amazon Leather Kindle cover then is not difficult to appreciate why this is a popular choice. The natural hemp Kindle covers are an excellent choice – take a closer look!

Snugg Denim Kindle Case

Snugg Denim Kindle CaseThis is a very smart looking case for your treasured ebook reader by Snugg and makes a good alternative for those people who prefer neither to pay £50 for an Amazon lighted Kindle cover nor would rather have an imitation leather case. As the name suggests, the outer is made from a smooth stonewash denim and has a grey trim. The case is fairly slimline and folds back to allow you to read your Kindle one-handed. Inside the cover is the same colour of the grey trim on the outside and the Kindle is held in place by four elasticated straps which are positioned in the corners. It is noticeable that the case uses the same closing mechanism as the Amazon leather cover – no catches or clasps with this one – just a string which is hooked over the front cover and held taut when not in use. Overall this is a simple and elegant Kindle case and at around the £20 mark there is little to dislike about it.  Take a look and buy the Snugg Kindle cover


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