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Marware Sportgrip Kindle CoverThe Marware SportGrip Kindle Touch cover offers an ergonomic designed Kindle cover. Made of cushioned, durable high-grade silicone, the SportGrip offers a precision moulded fit with front, corner, back, and side cushioned protection, giving complete impact protection for your Kindle Touch. The Marware Sport Grip Cover has been designed with both the mobile and practical reader, fitting perfectly to your new Kindle device while providing easy access to all ports. From its ergonomic, impact-resistant skin to its non-slip texturing on the back, this cover has been designed so that you can take your Kindle Touch about with you wherever you go and without worry. Furthermore it cover is easy to remover, machine washable and tear resistant. Shown here in black but also available in white, grey and pink, there is a colour Marware-SportGrip-Kindle-Skinchoice for everyone but how does it fit the bill? Well if you want a silicone/rubberized case to for your Kindle Touch then this is the one for the you. The Marware SportGrip fits the Kindle perfectly and offers great protection from day to day bumps and scratches. The cover is nice to the touch, especially useful when reading for long periods and stops your device from sliding off surfaces when you put it down. All in all it fits the bill quite well.

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Belkin Kindle caseThe Belkin Neoprene Portfolio Sleeve for the Kindle Touch is a secure, stylish way to protect your Kindle. A dual-zipper closure helps to keep things organised when you’re on the go while inside it there is space to hold small notes or receipts. Form-fitting and lightweight, the Portfolio Sleeve is made from durable neoprene with strong black-on-black monochromatic accents. A soft inner lining adds an extra layer of protection to guard your device from scratches and bumps. This is a certified “Made for Kindle” accessory, it is hand washable and has a one year warranty. The Belkin Neoprene Portfolio Sleeve for the Kindle Touch is available in black and is just under twenty pounds but is it the perfect cover for your Kindle Touch? Well it is a simple and effective design that definitely keeps the Kindle safe in your bag and while you are out and about. For the price it is good value as some others on the market can be excessively priced. It is a classic colour and is compact and lightweight in design so really there isn’t anything to dislike about it. While some people may find the design uninspiring, its simplicity will be exactly what others are looking for.

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Marware Jurni Kindle sleeveThe all-new Marware Jurni Kindle cover has been made with the Kindle and the Kindle Touch in mind. Designed with a tough, durable nylon exterior and a soft microsuede lining interior, the jurni protects your device inside and out against scratches and impact. While you are out and about, the zipper enclosure system will keeps debris out of the case and away from your Kindle device, giving you extra security and protection. For added convenience, the jurni offers an innovative built-in interior hand strap that allows you to securely grip and use your device on the go in any setting. In addition, the Marware jurni Cover contains an exterior zipper pocket, perfect for storing your small personal items like cash, keys or cards. It is shown here in Black but also available in four other colours from a subtle beige to a bright red. It looks good but is it recommended? The Marware jurni Kindle Cover does a great job. It looks very nice, is well conceived, and its overall quality is very good. It holds the Kindle snugly in place, the inside is soft and easy on the screen whilst the outside feels sturdy. Moreover the internal pocket is big enough to hold a USB cable which is handy when you take your Kindle on your travels. A particular advantage of the Marware jurni Kindle Cover is that, if you prefer to, you can keep the Kindle inside it while you are reading, so that is does open just like a book to read; also helpful is the strap to slot your hand into on the back when it is open. The only downside to this cover it that it is a little bit tricky to get to the on/off switch but you do get used to it. While the Marware jurni Kindle Cover isn’t the cheapest one you can buy, it is stylish and it does offer very good value and great protection for the Kindle.

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Amazon Kindle Zip SleeveThis Kindle zip sleeve case from Amazon is simple, yet very stylish and contemporary. It is an extremely lightweight sleeve that will protect your Kindle from scratches and scuffs. The zipper closure makes it convenient to use your Kindle as it easy to quickly stow your Kindle in your bag but it will also give your Kindle optimal protection when you are on the go to keep your Kindle secure. The Kindle zip sleeve is made from nylon and has a cushioned intereior. Shown here in graphite, this slim design Kindle case is available in five different colours so whether you would prefer a more subtle colour like the graphite cover or a bold one, there is one for you.  Moreover it has a black handstrap which makes carrying easy. All in all the Amazon Kindle zip sleeve is a quality Kindle cover, in a range of colours that will keep your Kindle nice and safe and free from scratches. At just under £20 it is somewhat expensive but it does keep your Kindle clean and safe. It does its job but the range of colours mean that it looks good as well. Also the slim design means that it doesn’t take up too much room when packing the Kindle for a trip.  It may be an expensive Kindle case but it is an excellent complement to your ebbokreader.

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Belkin Grip Kindle sleeveIf you are looking for a soft pouch for your Kindle rather than a hard cover then this Belkin Grip Kindle sleeve may be just what you are looking for. Designed exlusively for the Kindle, it is made of a soft, durable neoprene and silicon material which provides a good degree of protection. As can be seen from the picture, front pattern incorporates a rubberised grip which will cut down on any “slippery” moments. As with all of the sleeves, the Belkin Kindle sleeve is perfect for those people who want a non-attaching cover so that the Kindle can be quickly taken out and put away again after reads. It would certainly suit those who don’t really like the Kindle to be covered and who aren’t keen on elasticated corner straps, a fold-back cover to act as a stand and so forth.  A sturdy zip will keep the Kindle sleeve shut when not in use so you can safely put it in your bag when not in use. The Belkin Grip sleeve is available in a range of colours (colour shown is “Infinity Pool”).

Duragadget reversible Kindle coverThis Duragadget reversible Kindle cover for the new generation Kindle 4 is ideal for those that want a cheap cover that does the job and does it well. This is not an executive style case by any means, but if you are the sort of person who likes to read the Kindle as it is (without a cover on) then this is ideal for you. The lightweight and water resistant, soft neoprene pouch enables to you to slide the Kindle into it after every use and it has a fold-over flap which keeps the Kindle securely stored. The cushioning of the pouch will ensure that your reader will survive the every day gentle knocks and bumps and the screen will stay nice and scratch-free. As its title suggests, the cover is reversible so if you want a change you can turn it inside out and switch from red to black and vice versa. This Duragadget reversible cover is available from Amazon in two colour options – red/black and blue/black. At under £10 this is an excellent buy.

Duragadget Kindle 4 cover

E-volve reversible Kindle sleeve coverThis reversible Kindle sleeve from E-volve is a very funky Kindle cover and will fit any ebookreader up to 21cm high by 13cm wide so it is perfect for the Kindle 3 or Kindle 2 devices. Of course, with a reversible sleeve you effectively get two Kindle covers for the price of one. Get bored with one pattern and all you have to do is turn it inside out and hey presto – another design. The sleeve has a 4mm thickness so there is adequate cushioning to resist average every day wear and tear. Neoprene sleeves such as these score very highly if you prefer to read your Kindle naked (i.e. the Kindle without a cover and not yourself naked, although of course….). Added to this is the benefit that the cover will add next to nothing by way of weight to the Kindle as you carry it around with you.  There is also sufficient room in the case if you want to add a skin to your Kindle, so in effect you get the best of both worlds. This E-volve Kindle cover is priced very reasonably at around the £10 mark and will do the job very nicely. You can buy the E-volve Kindle Sleeve from Amazon by clicking on the button below.

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