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Kindle Lantern Cover from G-HUBThe Kindle Lantern case with light from G-HUB for the new 2011 4th generation Kindle/new 6” wi-fi Kindle eReader comes with a night light and wrist strap, and now with a free USB charger lead cable for the Kindle. This case from G-HUB is a fantastic vinyl case, cleverly designed with a reading light for your Kindle and also with a strap to store the compact reading light and an in-built magnet to allow you to position the light over your Kindle screen as and when you need it. The Kindle Lantern case from G-HUB not only is stylish looking but also protects your Kindle from scratches and enables you to carry your Kindle around with convenience thanks to its detachable wrist strap. The Lantern case from G-HUB offers style, protection and functionality in one package. Its best feature has to be the included compact reading light which has its own little holding strap within the case so that you are never without the light. When in use, the light can be positioned over the Kindle and is designed to distribute light to the area around your screen as opposed to a Kindle Lantern Cover from G-HUBbedside reading lamp which may affect others around you. The vinyl like outer material on the Kindle lantern case pouch from G-HUB gives the case a stylish classic look with the stitching and inner lining colour adding a subtlety of colour. All in all the G-HUB Kindle Lantern case pouch looks great at a brilliant price, does the job of protecting the Kindle and is compact and lightweight. Available in black or purple, it is smart yet sensible, and the reading light will allow you to read without using up electricity or disturbing your loved one while you are reading in bed. What more do you need?

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Aquarius Kindle cover with light

The Aquarius Leather Kindle Case with Light leather book case is custom made for the Amazon Kindle 2011 model and comes with a fold away LED night reading light and a secure magnetic closing mechanism for easy access to your Kindle.  The Aquarius book light gives your Kindle complete protection against scratches and bumps, backed by the Aquarius Lifetime guarantee.  This is a soft luxury leather case for your Amazon Kindle 4 2011. The custom made leather surround holds the Kindle neatly and firmly in place whilst still giving you access to all ports and controls at all times while the interior slip pocket gives you storage space for documents and papers. The build in bright LED light is powered by batteries (included) and this provides plenty of light for optimum reading in dark places. The leather case from Aquarius is therefore an excellent product. It fits the Kindle well – easy to slip in and out, but tight enough that it won’t slip out accidentally and held tighter with the help of magnets. It feels good in the hand and your Kindle will feel well protected.  Even the sides are protected, in fact only the necessary parts are exposed such as buttons and the USB port. The LED light lights up the whole screen. While the sides can seem a little darker under the light, the text itself doesn’t suffer so it is more than adequate. In fact it makes the screen way whiter than it would be under room light. If needed, you can adjust the light or the screen a little for optimum reading. In sum the leather book case from Aquarius is an excellent, reasonably priced product that does exactly what it is meant to and, at the same time, looks good.

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KIndle 4 lighted leather coverIt has taken a while for the Kindle 4 lighted leather cover to become available to buy, but finally it is ready to buy from the Amazon store and in a range of colours. The official Amazon Kindle covers tend to divide the buying public; for some people the official cover is a must and is the only way to complete your Kindle look. For others, they see it as an expensive option. It is interesting, because whilst the price of the new generation Kindle 4 is much lower compared to the original Kindle keyboard, the price of the official Kindle covers have remained the same. What this means is that the cost of the lighted Kindle cover is over half the cost of the new Kindle itself. The cost of the official non-lighted Kindle cover is over a third of the cost of the Kindle. What you get from this cover is quality, but it’s a personal choice as to whether your budget can stretch to such quality or whether you would be just as happy with a compatible cover by another manufacturer at a fraction of the cost (read our reviews of many other covers at Case for Kindle). With this cover, you get a genuine leather pebble-grain effect cover with a soft velour interior. The Kindle is attached by means of special integral hooks which engage with the two holes on the side of the Kindle (ever wonder what these holes were for?) By employing a connection in this way, the cover dispenses with the need for elasticated corner straps or a holder to surround the edge of the Kindle. However, as the connection takes a little bit of concentration to get right, it is clear that once the cover is on, it is meant to stay on. You therefore read the Kindle as if it were a leather hardbound book.

Other than its overall size, there is no difference with this cover compared to the official Kindle keyboard cover. Since the Kindle 4 does not have a keyboard it is smaller and this cover is designed to fit it. If you have an older style Kindle keyboard then this cover is not for you.  The light is designed a little differently to the previous lighted Kindle 3 cover, but it still draws the power from the Kindle battery (at the rate of a trickle) which is a nice touch, because it means that you don’t have to put in an external battery.

All in all, it’s about personal choice. This may not be worth £50, but there is no doubt it is elegant, classy and really gives your Kindle a designer touch.

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Sunny Savers Kindle Cover with lightThis is a good quality synthetic leather Kindle case with a light from Sunny Savers and makes an ideal travel companion for your Kindle. On the inside left of the cover are some handy spaces for keeping documents whilst your Kindle slots into the right hand cover courtesy of four corner straps. The leather cover itself has a quality feel about it and incorporates a mottled effect on the outside, no doubt emulating the look of the Amazon Kindle cover. The cover is held shut by means of magnetic clasp and this cover is also shipped with a Kindle screen protector which is a very nice touch. The accompanying light which is powered by 3 x AAA batteries is not a fixture to the case, so you can attach it anywhere you like by means of a simple clamp mechanism. The light arm is flexible so you can rotate it and adjust the angle and level of light that it throws on the screen which helps you to avoid glare of light on the screen. All in all a good choice and and a price weighing in at over £30 less than the Amazon Lighted Kindle Cover. Take a closer look at the Sunny Savers Leather Kindle cover by clicking on the button below.

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Forefront Lighted Kindle CoverProving that there is more than one way to attach a reading light to a Kindle cover, this product from Forefront performs the task admirably. What is more impressive is that the cover itself is a decent quality and looks much more expensive than it actually is. The case itself is made of black PU leather (industry-speak for “artificial” leather”) with a nice smooth red velour material on the inside. The light attaches itself magnetically to the top of the Kindle and is powered by separate batteries rather than by the rechargeable Kindle battery itself. When not in use the light detaches and is stored in a holder on the inside of the cover. The case itself incorporates a carry strap although I am not quite sure that this is needed. All in all, for the price (and it is around a fifth of the cost of the Amazon lighted cover) this case does everything it is meant to do and it is good-looking case to boot. The range of lighted Kindle covers provided by Forefront are well worth checking out. You buy this Forefront Kindle cover at Amazon via the link below.

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Amazon Kindle Light Case Folio

This is a smart PU leather case which is a lot cheaper than the Amazon Kindle lighted leather case, but the main difference is the fact that this product is not genuine leather whereas the Amazon product is. If you can live with that, then you will save yourself some money. The case does a good job of protecting your Kindle and is in much the same style as the Amazon Kindle cover and its fastening mechanism is by means of two small magnets which hold the case shut when not in use. The Kindle slips snugly into the case so that it cannot fall out and the case has an attached LED light at the top which simply flips upwards and can be set in a locked position during use. When you have finished reading the light simply tucks away by being pressed flat against the back of teh case and held shut by two small popper buttons. The light is battery operated and doesn’t run off the Kindle battery as the Amazon cover does, but having said that this costs a lot less money. Take a look at the Forefront Leather Kindle Case with LED Light and grab yourself a bargain.

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Amazon Lighted Kindle Cover in blackThe Amazon Lighted Kindle cover is one of the most expensive cases you can buy for your keyboard Kindle outside the designer range, but those that have bought it love it and think it is worth every penny. In a nutshell, this is the same as the Amazon Leather Kindle Cover but for an extra £20 or so you get also a light. The light function is fairly nifty to say the least.  It slides out from the top right corner and shines a sufficient amount of light to allow you to read in the dark, but without being too bright for your sleeping partner. The clever design of the light allows it to be powered by the Kindle battery alone, so no extra battery is needed which cuts down on the size and weight of the light component, no doubt making it easy for the light to slide back into the corner and remain there unobtrusively when not in use. Except for the light, everything is the same as the corresponding leather cover; you get the same real leather pebble-grain finish on the cover and a nice soft velour on the inside. This is wallet-style Kindle cover so if you are looking for something waterproof then a sleeve is your best bet. Otherwise, this cover will make your Kindle feel like a real luxury item. Get your Amazon Lighted Leather Kindle cover.

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